The Eco Edit

January 29, 2020

The Eco Edit

At a recent trip to 100% Optical show in London almost everyone had their eye on eyewear sustainability. I've got to be honest and say my head was turned by a number of manufacturers making the eco message their primary focus. Yet before turning to all things new, I wanted to chat about two of my favourite eco friendly brands that have been in store since the beginning. They each come from a different price point, so whatever your budget might be, we'll be sure to find something amazing to suit it.


If you're a regular at Spexbox you'll already know of my love for this Italian brand.  I was already impressed by their use of sustainably sourced wood, their lack of waste in manufacturing and ZERO stock inventory (everything is made to order). They've now surpassed themselves again with a new collection made using the wood from trees felled in severe storm weather. 

In October 2018 storm Vaia caused considerable damage to forests in the northeast of Italy. Strong winds knocked down 8 million cubic metres of wood in just one day! In true FEB31st form, they've focused on using the wood to ensure it is not wasted.

You can have any frame design from the collection (there a hundreds of options) made in this unique finish. Eco friendly, sustainably sourced, carefully manufactured eyewear to your exact specifications.

What's not to love?

Bespoke styling with wood starts from £330. Colours available in Vaia sourced wood are blue, orange, brown, white and petrolio. See in store for colour guidance and samples. 


Another favourite of mine (again Italian) are a range called Eco. Already unique (they have a magnetic sun clip which makes them superbly multi-functional), their frames are crafted from 95% recycled material. Their bio based frames are crafted using castor seed oil, making them lightweight, comfortable – and sustainable. They also have a 'one frame, one tree' programme, meaning that for every frame sold, a tree is planted.

The collection is extensive and colours far more varied than you would expect for from a sustainable eyewear collection. They are a massive hit with Spexbox clients; and with the price at £180 including single vision lenses and a polarised sun clip, it's easy to see why.

Also, whilst we're on the topic of being eco friendly, remember that if your prescription has changed and you still adore your current glasses, you CAN re-use them. The only proviso being that they need to be in good condition (if they're not, they are more likely to break during the glazing process).

Check out the video blog where I show you a few of the frames mentioned above and be sure to book your appointment where you can find out more, try on as many pairs of glasses as you like, find out exactly what suits you and generally just have FUN. Oh... and a brew.

Rebecca x