what we do

Glasses you actually WANT to wear.
The right pair should frame your face, enhance your unique features,
and make you feel downright fantastic when they're on.
When you've found the right pair, you just know.
You get compliments in them.
They're comfy.
They're "you".
You look better, see better - and most importantly, feel better.
(So you wear them all the time.)
Plus... frame shopping should be fun.
Let's face it, shopping for frames can be a bit...stuffy.
There's usually time pressure. And awful mirrors. And no-one with any actual style experience, to tell you whether they look good or not.
We're not about that.
We're about:
Stylish, fashion-forward designer frames (at affordable prices)
The full retail experience (with actual, proper mirrors)
Expert frame stylists on-hand to help (that care whether you look good or not)
Bespoke frames, made-to-order (in case you're after something unique)
Precise measurements and fittings (so they don't slide down your nose)
Ensuring you walk away with the perfect pair (or two... y'know? Treat yourself)
Book your complimentary Frame Styling Appointment here.
You'll get your own bespoke style card detailing exactly which shapes, styles and colours of glasses really suit you. There's absolutely no obligation to buy anything (but you might find you want to!).
Fitting Service
Not ready for new frames yet, but the ones you wear need a little tweak?
No problem. 
We're experts at fitting glasses; so if your current ones aren't just right (or need repairing), pop in and see us. Or just book a 15 minute Fitting Appointment here.